Serving Court Documents

Receiving court documents can be confronting for the recipient of a divorce application and they may not feel like cooperating by signing the required form. If this could be the case, it’s best to have the application served properly by a process server. In the event that the recipient does not want to sign the required form, our process server will leave it with them and complete an affidavit stating that the paperwork has been served without a signature. The Divorce Assistant charge $195 for personal service (including 2 attempts) and prepare and file all required documents with the court.

There are times when it’s possible to serve an application for divorce by post. Often when the other party has a heads up, clear instructions and are not responsible for incurring the cost of the application themselves, they are quite accomodating. We can serve the documents via registered post, prepare all service forms and file them with the court for $65.

Take the stress out of serving your divorce papers