Our Fees

There’s no need to be paying expensive fees unnecessarily. At The Divorce Assistant you’ll be provided affordable fees, professional service and our full support.

Divorce Applications $345

We’ll manage your application from start to end. All applications are managed remotely and paperwork is signed in front of your local Justice of the Peace for your ease and convenience. Give us a call to find out more.

Affidavits x 2 $275 (separated under the one roof)

There are various reasons you may be requiring a supporting affidavit for you application. We prepare affidavits at a fraction of the cost of a lawyer and without compromising on professionalism or quality. Additionally, if you have legal representation, we are happy to work with your lawyer to save you money on their fees.

Service of Documents by hand $185

Often, receiving court documents can be confronting for the recipient of a divorce application and they may not feel like cooperating by signing the required form. If you feel this may be likely, it’s best to have a process server serve the documents. In this case the server will simply leave the forms in their presence and complete an affidavit stating service has been effected. The court will accept this. Easy.

Parenting Plans $300

Parenting plans are a valuable tool for separated parents. To get started we’ll have you complete a questionnaire telling us in your own words what you want the care arrangements and other terms to look like. We’ll then develop this information into a formal parenting plan that’s easy to understand and concise. Give us a call to find out more.

Service of Documents by Post $60

There are times when it’s possible to serve an application for divorce by post. You’d be surprised how accomodating the other party will be if they have a heads up and don’t have to incur the expense of finalising the divorce themselves. We can postal serve the documents, prepare the supporting forms and file the documents with the family court.

Legal Coaching Package $300

This package provides one on one guidance for people preparing for property matters. It’s best suited to people who are about to seek legal advise as it prepares them with a well organised folder of pertinent information to take into their legal appointment. You’ll learn about valuing assets, the 5 step rule the court applies, we’ll prepare a chronology of the relationship and you’ll come out of this session feeling confident, understanding your options for resolution and with significant tips for saving on legal fees.

Application in a Proceeding (Substituted Service) $275

Sometimes when you make a divorce application, you may have taken genuine steps to locate you spouse to have them served the paperwork, but without any luck. This will require an additional application to be filed with the court requesting the usual rules of service be set aside and seek to have the divorce granted in the absence of the other party.

Family Violence Protection

If you or someone you know is experiencing family violence, there are things you can do to try and stay safe. If the matter is urgent, always call 000 for police assistance. If you are planning to stay or exit a relationship you should consider a safety plan. If you need extra protection, then you can apply for a family violence protection order at your local Magistrates Court. Contact us for free advise and assistance.

Consent Orders (coming soon) $700

Time and time again we have been asked to assist with making an application to the court for consent orders because people are being quoted $4000 plus by lawyers. Not everyone can afford this, but still want financial protection moving into the future, especially when it comes time to purchase assets. Hold tight, this will be available soon and we have partnered with legal experts to oversee the process.

Professional and such an easy process. I highly recommend this service to anyone who doesn’t have much time to organise their legalities, etc. Belinda made the whole process from start to finish easy and not to mention affordable too. I was kept informed throughout. Well done

Liz B

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