A tool that supports co parenting

A Parenting Plan is a valuable tool for separated parents. This written agreement outlines the care arrangements for any children, as well as shared parental responsibility and sets clear boundaries so the whole family can move forward in a positive way, and providing children with the stability they deserve. This type of plan keeps parents in control of decision making and without the stress of making an application for court orders.


Is a parenting plan legally enforceable?

No. It’s a written agreement between parents outlining care arrangements for their children. However, if a court application is made regarding parenting, the parenting plan can be used as evidence of previously agreed arrangements.

I’m interested. How do I get started?

Contact The Divorce Assistant and we’ll explain the process. We’ll have you complete a questionnaire outlining the agreed care arrangements and we’ll turn it into a formal parenting plan which both parents will sign and date.

How much does a Parenting Plan cost?

$350 and this price includes consultation and preparation of the agreement.

Can a Parenting Plan be updated?

Yes. The plan can be updated as the age and developmental needs of the child or children change.

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