Legal Coaching

Seeking legal advise is essential in order to understand your rights and negotiate with confidence. There is a difference between seeing a lawyer for legal advise and picking them up as your representative. It’s always a good idea to seek legal advise for property matters so you understand the likely percentage range of the property asset pool you are entitled to receive. This information is valuable when it comes time to negotiate with your former spouse so you are not asking for too much or accepting too little, particularly if you’re heading into mediation. If however, negotiations are proving difficult then you may need to pick up a lawyer to represent you and negotiate with the other side on your behalf.

Our legal coaching package is a one on one intensive session, that will have you armed with a highly organised file of important documents, a chronology of your relationship, a care journal, an understanding of the 5 step process the court use when making decisions and how to save thousands on legal fees….plus much more. Our aim is to see you rebuild financially post separation, rather than spending excessive amounts on legal fees.

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